Care Guide

what you need:

  • Washing machine
  • 2-3 clean tennis balls or dryer balls
  • Mild liquid laundry detergent 


Coats are suitable for dry-clean except styles in the PATINAK fabric and/or waterproof zippers.
Remove trims as necessary. Use a dry cleaner who has experience with cleaning down products.


  1. Remove any junk from pockets and any removable trim (especially fur).
  2. Ensure zippers are zipped up and all buttons and velcro are fastened, including the center front.
  3. Throw your parka into the washing machine on warm or cold wash (less than 30ºC) at delicate/gentle setting. Do not wash with any other garments, and avoid using fabric softener.
  4. After the cycle is complete, place in dryer immediately.
  5. Set your dryer to Tumble Dry - Low (not exceeding 40ºC), and throw in a couple of clean tennis/dryer balls with your wet parka to help fluff the down back to its original loft.
  6. Remove parka from dryer when it is completely dry.
  7. Hang in ventilated area overnight to allow any residual moisture to dissipate before storing.


Separate the fur trim from your hood by unzipping the zipper. Brush off any excess dirt with a bristled brush or bring it to a specialist for cleaning.


Shearling is a natural fibre and with wear will take on its own unique look. To achieve a purled shearling look, tumble wash and dry on low and the result will be more textured.


Natural materials need to breathe. You can store them in fabric boxes, or a fabric bag or luggage. Do not store in plastic.