The Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning pays homage to the scientists currently working in Antarctica but also the determined early scientists and explorers of this ice continent who endured unimaginable conditions surviving on penguin meat and dog paw stew. Taking inspiration from the journals and newsletters of historic polar explorers, such as Shackleton’s South Polar Times and Sir Douglas Mawson’s Adelie BlizzardThe Antarctic Book of Cooking and Cleaning draws on the journals, letters, recipes, menu plans and provision lists of Carol Devine and Wendy Trusler written from December 1995–March 1996.

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This story of Antarctica reveals the beauty and fragility of this precious continent as mirrored in human nature. Antarctica changes you. You don’t come out the same person you were when you went, no matter the reason you went in the first place. Are nations fulfilling their obligations to preserve Antarctica as a territory for science and peace? What did the Russians and others make of these “eco-tourists” and their work? The book explores these questions and more.