This shot was taken by another artist @juliepasila as the sun was setting around 3:30pm. Four other artists and I decided to take a road trip to the south of Iceland and we found this really unique spot where the water was crashing against the rocks. Most of those rocks I’m standing on are amazing skipping stones. 


Another from @juliepasila. I’m dancing to Prince in this shot (Little Red Corvette) which just happened to come onto the Icelandic radio. One of my favorite songs that always reminds me of Toronto. I had to turn it up. Taken around 1:00pm.

Benjamin Freedman (b. 1990) is an emerging photo based artist presently working in Toronto. Ben received his BFA in photographic studies from Ryerson University. Before moving to Toronto in 2009, Ben was born and raised in Montreal where he studied Cinema, Video and Communications at Dawson College. 

Benjamin's work has been displayed extensively in the Toronto area at galleries such as I.M.A., Gallery 1313, Gladstone Hotel and the Alliance-Française. Most recently, his work was displayed in Toronto's CONTACT photography festival (2014) at the Art Gallery of Mississauga as a featured exhibition. 

There is very little light in Iceland right now; the sun is only around for a couple of hours each day. So it’s mainly night time, and at night time you see the northern lights, and during the day there is a rich beautiful light.

I’m interested as a photographer to be making work there at this specific time because the main ingredient of photography is light so I’m going to be there using the light really specifically to make work that talks about this really interesting phenomenon.”

Ben is currently working on two distinctly different projects during a two-month residency in Skagaströnd, Iceland. One is a photo book featuring commonly found rocks in Iceland. He's been photographing them to look like geological samples from the moon and other planetary bodies in order to discuss fabrication and fiction in photography. Although constructing a fiction, Ben is interested in the connection between truth and photography and how he can manipulate this truth-value through visual elements and text. He's always been interested in space and is applying a lot of research into the construction of each image. In a couple weeks, Ben will also be driving to an area where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin practiced their Apollo 11 mission in Myvatn. Some consider this mission the ultimate science fiction story of all time so including images from this area will become important elements in the book. 

Ben has also been taking many photographs of Skagaströnd and is slowly taking photographs of its residents. Being a small town of approximately 500 people, he has managed to meet a small group of kids in their late teens that buy and refurbish cars. Living in a remote town in the north, cars have become a means of liberating these young adults. Ben has often seen them wizzing by at all hours and recently, they have agreed to let him photograph them with their vehicles. He'll be pairing these portraits with other observations from around Iceland.